Why we must act

We need to make life worth living, not make it easier to die.

In June 2016, the Parliament of Canada legalized euthanasia. At the time, they committed to reviewing legislation before amending the law. Now they want to expand the law before even reviewing the impact of euthanasia in Canada. At least 13,000 Canadians have been euthanized since the law was passed in 2016. 

We believe that every life has value. Every life should be respected and supported.

Four years ago, they told us there would be safeguards. Now theyre taking them away.

Four years ago, they told us there would be enhanced palliative care for those close to death – it hasnt happened.

Four years ago, they said death must be foreseeable” to be eligible for assisted suicide – thats no longer necessary.

Write to your Member of Parliament and join us in standing up for vulnerable Canadians.

Join us in raising your voice to your elected Member of Parliament and saying “No!” to the expansion of euthanasia and “Yes” to palliative care for all Canadians.